Connectivity Solutions

Out of the gate, our network and technology set us apart from the competition. We are able to offer airlines optimized coverage and capacity for every route. Thales’ value- added services to the connected airline create opportunities for agility, such as real-time monitoring and data analytics reporting which enables airlines to quickly navigate maintenance requirements. Additionally, our cloud infrastructure serves as a runway for airlines to make data-driven decisions in real time, resulting in increased airline profitability and an overall competitive advantage. Our big data analytics maximize revenue streams, driving personalization by predicting customer patterns and future outcomes.


FlytLIVE is Thales’ regional connectivity solution for airlines flying over the Americas. Utilizing industry leading partnerships, it is the most advanced and efficient solution. With unmatched performance and redundancy, FlytLIVE provides a consistent and enjoyable experience for all passengers, even for those flying in congested air traffic areas. With full broadband connectivity, passengers can stream video, play games and access social media and live television, creating an immersive and engaging experience in the air. FlytLIVE enables airlines to upload content, download operational data and provide live television channels to their entire fleet through managed end-to-end solutions and network services.

Strategic partnerships with SES and Hughes provide Thales with an expanded scope of HTS Ka-band satellite capacity and the latest, most advanced aeronautical platform available today. The combination of Hughes EchoStar XVII and XIX Ka-band satellites with SES’ AMC-15 and AMC-16 network, provide expanded satellite capacity, coverage and redundancy over North America – uniquely positioning FlytLIVE as the most comprehensive connectivity and content service for the full gamut of North American flight routes.

SES-17 will enter into service in 2021 providing airlines with an unsurpassed ability to efficiently and flexibly modify their network in response to changing bandwidth demands on a daily schedule, or in real-time in response to unanticipated changes, such as weather. It uses nearly 200 spot beams of mixed sizes for flexible allocation of capacity.

The addition of a powerful, highly adaptive Digital Transparent Processor (DTP) onboard the SES-17 satellite will also dramatically increase FlytLIVE’s coverage, capacity and redundancy.


Thales’ global KA band connectivity solution for airline routes that travel across continents leverages Inmarsat Global Xpress Constellation. GX maintains uninterrupted high-speed connectivity on long haul flights and global routes. Since the launch of the constellation, GX has delivered high-speed broadband connectivity worldwide.

No matter the route, GX helps passengers avoid interruptions in high-speed connectivity. GX operates on a constellation made up of four Ka-band, high speed mobile broadband communications satellites. These satellites function with a combination of fixed, narrow spot beams to deliver high speeds through compact terminals. Additional capacity can be directed where needed in real-time using steerable beams, so you’re never off the radar.


FlytLINK by Thales offers airline customers the greatest flexibility for their flight deck connectivity needs. Only FLytLINK offers a robust cybersecurity architecture, two legacy Iridium modems and one Iridium Certus® validated TCX modem in a single small form factor line replaceable unit. It is designed for safety services and other operational applications where on-demand back office data is transmitted to and from the aircraft.

Whether airline customers operate a large fleet or a single aircraft, FlytLINK by Thales is designed to meet each of their needs through a simple, adaptable and robust design.


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GateSync is Thales’ adaptive data delivery platform. It allows airlines to transport content through the best medium for their needs, whether that be sneakernet, satcom, cellular, ground Wi-Fi, or a combination. GateSync was designed to allow airlines to take advantage of the most efficient methods of moving content and data, and leverages location awareness, intelligent negotiation of network selection and least-cost routing. Through GateSync, data transmission is completely secure, reliable, adaptive and traceable.

Through a unique set of software and hardware technologies, GateSync facilitates the wireless upload and offload of digital assets to and from aircraft systems. GateSync uses the Aircraft Connectivity Controller (ACC), a multi-radio, multi-function device engineered for transferring content to and from off-board systems. It also facilitates aircraft to base station links for real-time two-way communications. The software resident on the ACC handles local decisions about which networks to connect to, acting as an arbitrator when multiple on-board systems are vying for communications resources simultaneously.

 The Benefits:

  • GateSync can upload and offload any type of digital data asset without requiring information on the specific payload
  • GateSync and its associated ground infrastructure are completely customizable and can be tailored to meet each airline’s unique needs, from handling small data upload/offloads to complete monthly IFE updates
  • GateSync was constructed to be modular – it interacts with a variety of wireless technologies and systems, allowing it to be agile as the market evolves
  • The system is cost effective and implements an assortment of functions such as cost routing, cross-loading and multicast to optimize the use of precious and expensive wireless backhaul
  • All management and data channels are authenticated and encrypted per industry standards


Oasis is Thales’ innovative wireless passenger engagement system which interacts directly with passengers’ personal electronic devices (PED’s). With Oasis, passengers can watch movies, play games, listen to music, and more – taking their inflight entertainment experience to new altitudes. Oasis can act as a standalone entertainment or engagement solution, or in compliment to an airline’s existing connectivity and in-seat systems.

Oasis is a lightweight inflight entertainment solution for airlines, delivering IFE directly to passengers’ devices through an onboard connection. When Oasis is used in combination with seat-back screens, it generates a dual-screen experience that mimics an at-home setting.

 Oasis is compatible with 90 percent of browsers and PED’s and does not require passengers to download an app. The robust system can support 200+ wireless users simultaneously. Oasis includes DRM and non-DRM stored content as well as audio albums, magazines, newspapers and HTLM5 games. Stored content is available to passengers during the flight or from gate-to-gate as desired by the airline.

The Oasis portal is fully customizable and incorporates ancillary revenue generating opportunities. The system is capable of accepting payments in a secure offline manner for post-flight processing. Plus, no extra hardware is required when Oasis is paired with a Thales connectivity solution.


 InFlyt Global TV is Thales’ IPTV solution for airlines flying global routes. With Thales’ InFlyt Global TV solution, airlines allow passengers not only to watch live events, but to replay them, creating an “On Demand” experience. With its ability to store premium content and provide passengers DVR functionality, passengers can also navigate through their content options with ease and select from a broad range of captivating choices.

InFlyt Global TV brings premium live programming to passengers everywhere. Live sports and special events are received by the aircraft as they happen. InFlyt Global TV can display up to three live events and two linear news channels at all times. Additionally, event-based delivery avoids bandwidth dedication to outdated content and passengers do not experience load time delays.

 With access to a perusable library of content, and the ability to play, pause or rewind shows, movies and live events, passengers have an experience similar to the comforts of home. InFlyt Global TV allows for growth and expansion as content rights continue to evolve, and due to the use of IPTV technology, no extra hardware is needed.

InFlytRoam is the next generation of mobile phone and text service inside the aircraft. By utilizing the Wi-Fi network and our relationship with multiple satellite providers, Thales has created the first truly agnostic satellite talk and text product for the cabin. The high value mobile experience is delivered directly to the passenger’s personal device without the need for additional equipment to be installed in the aircraft.

The next generation of mobile talk and text inside the aircraft cabin will be deployed utilizing wireless access points that Thales install for connectivity and Wireless IFE. InFlytRoam is flexible, allowing for various configurations of text, talk, and free/paid talk. By using the native dialing and text applications within the passengers’ device, no unique application is required to use this solution. By operating over the Wi-Fi network, InFlytRoam requires no additional hardware – meaning no additional weight, power consumption or time-consuming software updates are necessary.

Passengers are automatically logged in with the airline’s Wi-Fi network, making for a consistent passenger experience. No onboard billing is required as passengers are directly billed through their cell phone plan, allowing passengers without an accessible credit card to be able to take advantage of this offering.

Thales makes connected inflight entertainment simple, seamless and secure. We enable a best-in-class onboard experience with an amazing portfolio of inflight entertainment systems, the most advanced connectivity solutions, and digital services that connect and inspire people throughout their journey. From complete white-glove care to specific packages and expert services, we support airlines around the world with an exceptional customer service network.


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